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I found my paternal Grandmother and Great-Grandfather on this site from 1891 census:

Warwickshire Ancestors Project

1891 Civil Parish of Long Itchington, Eccl. Parish of Long Itchington
4,New Fields,1,Charles Long,Head,M,46,,Shepherd,Employed,Launton Oxfordshire,,
,,,Hannah Long,Wife,M,,45,,,Mollington Warwickshire,,
,,,Elizabeth Long,Dau,S,,16,Domestic Servt General,,Launton Oxfordshire,,
,,,Alice Long,Dau,,,13,Scholar,,Launton Oxfordshire,,
,,,Fanny Long,Dau,,,10,Scholar,,Launton Oxfordshire,,
,,,John Long,Son,,8,,Scholar,,Launton Oxfordshire,,
,,,Elsie Long,Dau,,,3,,,Launton Oxfordshire,,
I heard that my Father's mother was called Fanny and her father was "Shepherd Long". We had a part of rusted sheep sheers, probably belonging to Shepherd Long but I think they were thrown out when we moved from Southway.

Dairy Shopping

I love looking for diaries at the end of year. I used to buy one but usually manage to get one free at the office at the end of the year.

The trouble is that don't use a paper based diary now. I just like paper based diaries.


Here's something I had no clue that it existed:


People uploading alternative subtitles for DVDs. I guess you can just add them to ripped DVDs to add a new subtitle menu.

It's also the first place that I have seen that gave Google Ads in Persian!

I wonder if any one has made a site for alternative "Director's Commentaries" :-)