Stuart Woodward (stuartcw) wrote,
Stuart Woodward

Pre-bedtime hyperactiveity

Watching Zen on the airplane determinedly spinning round in his seat, arranging and changing the position of the pillow, blanket, neck pillow and seat belt strap, over and over again in an attempt to get comfortable reminded me of a dog making it's bed. It then occurred to me that this must be a mammalian bed making trait, a presleep burst of activity to get comfortable for the night.

This prebedtime hyperactivity has puzzled me for a long time as he can be literally fast asleep within 30 seconds of being hyperactive if the right bed time ritual is carried out.

I had also recognized this trait in myself, but for me it usually involves installing something or upgrading something as a last activity, late at night. Not the best time to mess up your computer but consistent with the feeling that you need to get things in order before sleeping with that final burst of energy.
Tags: sleep, zen woodward
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