Stuart Woodward (stuartcw) wrote,
Stuart Woodward

What is that smell?

I went to doctors on Saturday for my monthly appointment and mentioned that I had a cough and sore throat and he looked up my nose, dabbed my throat with Iodine and sent me away with 5 more different tablets to take. I wasn't feeling so bad when I went there but, actually, after taking the antibiotics and the mucus thinner; excuse the gory details, I feel a lot better than I did. I guess you can get used to feeling run down.

While I was in the shower this morning I noticed a really weird smell, I couldn't locate it but when I got out, I found that Chizu was cooking Brocolli in the kitchen. If you loose your sense of smell gradually, you don't notice it in the same way you would if you lost your sight, sense of touch or hearing. But when your sense of smell comes back you get affronted by all sorts of smells. Tonight I noticed the smell of strawberries in the refridgerator and it was quite overpowering.

Zen's sense of smell is amazing. He detected Chizu was secretly eating a sweet in the kitchen several meters away and went in to demand one.

c.f How Can I Accurately Test a Patient for Loss of Ability to Smell?

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