November 26th, 2002



I talked to Paul tonight on the phone and something he said made me realize what the problem was with a script that I have been writing.

I took the last couple of pictures from my phone and sent them to a special mail address that is connected to a Python script that I wrote. When it gets a mail it looks to see if it contains a picture and if it does, decodes it and copies it over to my images directory and then posts to LiveJournal a message made from the subject and body of the mail that includes the picture.

Phew...Programming is something that becomes progressively easier the more you do. It was a great struggle to get going with this but I think I'm on a roll now.

Looking back

I was just looking back to around this time in 2001. I found a great link on
Optimal Experience. Reading my old posts is really interesting. The links are really interesting to me but I have forgotten about them so it is like looking at something new.

It's funny to read that post now as it was a really big mistake to not get rid of the old fridge immediately.It sat in my hallway for about 6 months or more gathering dust.

Wow! Looking back to 2000 I actually ate Uni this year and went to the top of Landmark Tower..

Looking back to 2000 I was reminded of Oblique Strategies and found that there was a new edition for sale which I immediately bought. I also downloaded and installed a Oblique Strategies for the Palm Pilot.